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On April 1,1990 no foolin with $100 (one hundred) dollars, we opened the world's first drive thru restaurant for pets no fooling!  $58 (fifty eight) dollars we bought milk, eggs and flour to bake the biscuits with the remaining money we were able to build the 4 x 4 Kiosk our first store front. From that day we have received billions of dollars of free publicity. A show we were on included the MARTHA STEWART SHOW 3/31/2007.  Our feature is still Maggies Biscuit Treats baked here on site were we sell them!

We continue today with our baked Pet Treats, Pet Food, Natural Accessories and unique services with quality and safety as our guide.

If it is not safe for your pet we wont sell it or do it.  It is all about safety and quality for pets!  

Thanks a lot and Please Have A Dog Gone Good Day!

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