ON THE MENU:
                                                         Maggie's Biscuit TREATS
                        as seen featured on 

     The Martha Stewart Show®3/31/2007!

      Natural Antlers Safe Chew Product.
              Hand Picked Grade 1-A.     Renewable source.

            HOLISTIC FOODS:

            NATURAL BALANCE PET FOOD, Made in USA.
            FARMINA PET FOOD, Made in Italy.

      Unique Services: Pet Nanny
        Day Care, Over  Night, Diet and Health Consultation, 

         U-Wash Dog, Pet Friendly Training and Groom Service.


       Quality over quantity is our idea of doing business.  


       The Name DOGGIE-DRIVE-THRU® and all material pertaining thereto is a 

         Registered Trademark/Service Mark: NO.1650414 All Rights Reserved.

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